Welcome to Growing Grand! A new website for Christian families set aside for discussing what it means to be “a family of families.” Here, we want to explore the meaning and significance of the intergenerational relationships that exist in our families and in the Church. Even though we present a Catholic and, therefore, traditionally Christian perspective, we want the discussion to remain open to all. We pray that grandparents, parents, children, and grandchildren can all find useful topics and food for thought among these pages regardless of their background.

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Why I haven’t posted…and why I am now.

Family can wound as often as it can heal. That truth has held me back from wanting to cast my own personal experiences out into the deep of the internet. The last thing I want to do is pour salt on the wounds of others, reopen my own mending lesions, or even create new injury – however unintended that might be.

Then three things happened: I went on vacation in a remote setting, my sister made a comment, and a friend of mine became a grandparent.

Because of Pentecost

This day being Pentecost, we focus on how God the Father, through His Eternal Son, sent to his people the gift of the Holy Spirit as a means of grafting us into his very own divine life.

Finding Hope amidst Depression

Today, we listened to the lament of a very depressed man. Perhaps, like me and like Job, you have experienced depression. When you heard these words, did you say to yourself, “I understand what he’s going through. I know that feeling.” Perhaps you feel that way right now. Let’s listen to Job’s words again


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