Why I haven’t posted…and why I am now.

Family can wound as often as it can heal. That truth has held me back from wanting to cast my own personal experiences out into the deep of the internet. The last thing I want to do is pour salt on the wounds of others, reopen my own mending lesions, or even create new injury – however unintended that might be.

Then three things happened: I went on vacation in a remote setting, my sister made a comment, and a friend of mine became a grandparent.

Because of Pentecost

This day being Pentecost, we focus on how God the Father, through His Eternal Son, sent to his people the gift of the Holy Spirit as a means of grafting us into his very own divine life.

Finding Hope amidst Depression

Today, we listened to the lament of a very depressed man. Perhaps, like me and like Job, you have experienced depression. When you heard these words, did you say to yourself, “I understand what he’s going through. I know that feeling.” Perhaps you feel that way right now. Let’s listen to Job’s words again

“Grandparent” Does Not Mean “Old”

The Pope may not be trying to put the two in the same category, but the press surrounding this special day seems to focus quite heavily on the “elderly” part even when discussing the “grandparent” component.

The Courage to Seek Forgiveness

I am no more able to demand a healing from the doctor without a willingness to undergo a treatment than to expect the healing of my relationships without the willingness to ask for forgiveness and offer reparation.

Who Wants to Be Human?

Were I an angel or an alien, I would seriously wonder who would even want to be human.

Fed State

Catholicism is filled with paradoxes, and here we find some examples: we must empty ourselves to be filled, we must fast to truly appreciate the feast.


We all know and acknowledge the distraction and noise of our 21st century lives. The ruckus of games and adventures are necessary and enjoyable aspects of our role as grandparents. But what a gift we give when we bring tranquility.

One Moment More

The severance of my earthly relationship with my parents blessed me with an elevation of subconscious memory to consciousness, as though a movie reel turned on in my mind.


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